Information and summer news from SkiSelector

SkiSelector are encountering a new phase with focus on education and service to existing and new SkiSelector users. This is to ensure that the service development of each store reaches anticipated effects with the store’s profitability in focus.

In order to meet the needs of training and services of stores, focus is shifting from market-related activities and skiing towards a phase where resources, skills and capacity will be an absolute priority. Also, a training center for SkiSelector was established in Torsby (Sweden) during 2013 which we now aim to develop further with the dual surface and double the number of machines at the premises in Torsby.

SkiSelector makes a competence and capacity enhancement with several people in education and service.
Furthermore, additional SkiSelector academies will be established by Oberhof Ski Tunnel (Germany) and Vuokatti Ski Tunnel (Finland). The academies in Germany and Finland will be conducted according to schedule in German, English, Finish and Italian.

The scheduling of Torsby (Sweden) is now at its final stage and further information regarding SkiSelector Academy will be communicated shortly.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you a wonderful summer!

Solna 2014-06-24

Best regards,

Peter Stenlund, CEO