• For skiers

    Save up to 30-50% energy and several seconds to
    tens of minute’s faster time in the Vasalopp!

    The skis importance is vital to 75-80% for both grip and glide!

    – Analysis of the skis provide the best experience for amateurs and the best performance for professionals


    In most cases it is not your fault …!

    • Approx 70% have skis that do not fit and they can’t get them to fit by sharpening or waxing either.
    • Choose the skis that give you good grip and can slide well in your common track type!
    • Do not throw away hundreds of dollars on the wrong structure or wrong wax! Engage your expert shop with SkiSelector, there will be a new experience with top results!
    • If you choose to use a cold track ski in klister conditions, the sliding properties are severely limited which can be supported by physics. The affect on the sliding properties can easily be observed by experimenting with a few drops of water between two blank glass pieces at the same time as a horizontal force is pressed towards the glass.
    • By creating unevenness on one of the glass pieces it can start to slide significantly better as the water forces between the two glass pieces are reduced.



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