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    Save up to 30-50% energy and several seconds to
    tens of minute’s faster time in the Vasalopp!

    The skis importance is vital to 75-80% for both grip and glide!

    – Analysis of the skis provide the best experience for amateurs and the best performance for professionals


    Advantage in store selling of classic cross-country skiing

    1st analysis

    Purpose – control assortment, preparation for sales situations, avoid chaos when numerous pairs of skis are sold in a short time.

    As new skis arrive to the store respective ski pair will undergo a first analysis. In about 30 seconds, store employees measure and analyse skis for stiffness, character and waxbow length.

    The skis are quickly and efficiently sorted in their right place at the store in order to optimize the selling time and to provide the skier with the best possible service and store expertise.


    Purpose – Analysis and selection of best fitting skis to meet the individual condition and provide each skier with excellent grip.

    By indicating the skier’s weight, every ski is analysed for; stiffness, waxbox zone, grey zone, gliding zone, dynamics, camber height, sensitivity and track characteristics.

    Grip control

    Purpose – Analysis and control of grip

    The weight of the skier is entered, as waxbow and the ski binding position is analysed at the kicking stage.

    Gliding analysis

    Purpose – Analysis and control check of gliding zones with printed A4 colour certification.

    The sliding zones of respectively ski is analysed in order to determine the optimal track character for each ski.

    An analysis of the glide characteristics is performed, in order to reveal which type of structure and wax that is most suitable for each ski pair.

    SkiSelector – the Swedish patent protected innovation

    SkiSelector – the Swedish patent protected innovation, which measures and analyses the features of your skis!

    – About 80% of all skiers have skis that don’t fit, a combination of poor grip and glide.

    – OBS! Neither wax nor structure can help the skis that don’t fit!


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    Here you can download our PDF and read more about SkiSelector.

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