• About us

    The entrepreneur and innovator who has developed and produced SkiSelector is Peter Stenlund, from the town of Piteå in northern Sweden. Peter Stenlund has a background within industrial business and product development, and his past work experience includes time spent at Sunds Defibrator AB, ABB, CARAN and Samhall Industri where he has been responsible for establishing new business operations and developing new products, systems and services with responsibility for around 300 employees.

    Industrial products with integrated electronics, self-learning sensors and products based on composite materials are Peter Stenlund’s niche technical areas, within which a number of patents have been granted. Peter has won international awards for several products and systems.

    ”SkiSelector is a challenge I decided to take on when Niklas Jonsson and Magnus Ingesson, both former elite skiers from Piteå, described during a joint project the problem of how a skier may have to search among several thousand pairs of skis in order to find one suitable pair
    of skis for each type of skiing conditions.”

    The first generation of the SkiSelector system was produced in aluminium and that was a major step forward, but further development was required and steel was the next natural step in the development process. The software and the entire system, including everything from the machine itself, electronics, business development, sales, analyses, training, support, etc. has been developed on an on-going basis since 2005.

    The first SkiSelector system was delivered to Atomic in conjunction with the Winter Olympics in Turin in 2006. During 2007-2009, SkiSelector was produced in steel, and the software and training was still in its infancy. Since 2009, the SkiSelector machines have been produced in granite and steel, and the entire system covers wireless communication and server solutions.

    The SkiSelector Academy was established in 2011. Comprehensive training is implemented on an on-going basis at the same time that the operative business development support for retailers is being increased.
    The business is very R&D-oriented with focus on the business development of services that provide a better skiing experience and the reliable selection of the fastest skis for each skier in different types of conditions.


    Peter Stenlund