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    Information and summer news from SkiSelector

    SkiSelector are encountering a new phase with focus on education and service to existing and new SkiSelector users. This is to ensure that the service development of each store reaches anticipated effects with the store’s profitability in focus. In order to meet the needs of training and services of stores, focus is shifting from market-related

    Welcome to Skiselector at Vasaloppet

    You are welcome to visit Skiselector at Stadium in Mora and Sälen during the 20/2 – 1/3.

    Milsluker’n, Oslo – The world’s largest retailer of Fischer

    About SkiSelector

    SkiSelector is a patent protected Swedish innovation, an advanced measurement system that within a minute can analyse all important features of a ski and effectively assist in the selection of the optimum ski for each track type and ski conditions for each skier – from amateurs to professional skiers.

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    Team Northug have chosen Skiselector

    Team Northug have chosen Skiselector

    The world’s best skiers Petter Northug and Team Northug are using Skiselector for analyzes, tests, categoriziation and selectiion of skis. When gold medals are in focus, nothing is accepted to be left to the unknown condition. Several parameters and considerations has to be evaluated. Tracks characteristics, track profile, individual technique, style, strength, experience while consideration is given to the skier’s emotional state.

    We enjoy working with top performance environments that Team Northug are representing with their intensed and systematic process.


    Intersport Norway has through a special partnership with SkiSelector established a long-term program and concept of striving to develop skills within cross-country skiing, to sustain in the leading position.
    In most Intersport stores SkiSelector is available for your assistance.

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    VM in Falun 2015

    Skiselector supportmember of world championship in Falun 2015.
    Skiselector will be in Falun and show skiers how to select skis to get the best experience and the best results in the tracks.